Alphabetical List of All Cue Sheets 

Cue sheets are posted as (.pdf  files) and will require the Adobe Acrobat Reader® program to view them.  The download link is on our home page.

Some cue sheets have videos of steps used in the dances. The program to play the videos is Windows Media Player, which can be downloaded on our home page.

There are various websites for downloading music. To find a website, type "download music" in the search window of your favorite search engine and follow the directions for downloading and installing the software appropriate for the website you select. 


9 to 5 -- Step Videos Advanced Eric Bice
9 to 5 Easy Plus versionEasy Plus Cheri Posedel
Ace in the HoleEasy Plus Cheri Posedel
All Summer Long -- Step Videos Advanced Eric Bice
Any Man of Mine -- Step Videos Advanced Janice Lee
Anybody Wanna Pray Intermediate Cheri Posedel
Bailamos -- Step Videos Advanced John Habash
Be Without YouIntermediate Barry Welch
Belfast PolkaEasy  Cheri Posedel
Best Day of My Life Intermediate Eric Bice
Better Life Advanced Jessica Hoschka
Betty's Bein' Bad Intermediate Scott Bilz
Big Mamou Easy Intermediate Cheri Posedel
Big River Easy Plus Russ and Lelia Hunsacker
Black Horse and the Cherry Tree -- Step Videos Advanced Arlene Kalita
Bluegrass Boy Intermediate Flatfoot Alberta Stamp
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Easy  Russ and Lelia Hunsacker
Boondocks Intermediate Plus Anne Mills and Kay Velmire
Born This Way Intermediate Rebecca Vetter
Boy -- Step Videos Advanced Michele Millier-Hill
Brave Intermediate Plus Eric Bice edited by Staci Larson
Bring It on Down to My House Easy Plus Mary Bray
Brighter Than the SunAdvanced Russ and Lelia Hunsaker
Brown Derby Jump Easy  Marilyn and Kristi Hansen
Bruises Intermediate Plus Michele Millier-Hill
Cajun Moon Easy Plus  
Callin' Baton Rouge Easy Intermediate Steve Smith
Caminos de Esperanza Intermediate Cheri Posedel
Cecilia -- Step Videos Advanced Kathy Gulyas
Chasin' That Neon Rainbow Easy  Cheri Posedel
Coastal Confessions -- Step Videos Advanced Barb Guenette
Come Baby Come - revisedIntermediate Cheri Posedel
Coney Island Washboard WomanAdvanced Alberta Stamp
Counting Stars Intermediate Michael Beck rev. by Cheri Posedel
Cowboy Up Intermediate Plus Scotty Bilz; edit and arranged
by Staci Larsen
Crazy Little Thing Called Love -- Step Videos Advanced Mary Bray
Crush Intermediate Kerri Orthner
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Daddy Cool Easy  Cheri Posedel
Dance Above the Rainbow  -- Step Videos Intermediate Lorrie Swift
Dance with Me Tonight Intermediate Tina Curtis
Diddley Dee Intermediate Shane Gruber
Don't StopEasy  Darolyn Pchajek
Don't Stop Movin' Intermediate  Kellee Ramirez
Duelling Violins Intermediate  Robynn and Jessica Hoschka
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Enternemente - Demo VersionEasy Alberta Stamp
Evacuate the Dance Floor Intermediate Plus Greg Dionne mod. by Staci Larson
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Fiesta Easy Intermediate Cheri Posedel
Floorfiller Intermediate  versions by Jeff Driggs & Josh King
arrangement by Staci Larsen
Fly Away Advanced Lori and Kirscha Buckley
Follow Me Intermediate Janice Lee
Freight Train Intermediate Lois Elling
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Generic Clogging RoutineEasy  
Go Go Rhythm -- Step VideosAdvanced Barb Guenette
God Is Good All the Time -- Signing Video Intermediate Cheri Posedel
Gozate La Vida  IntermediateCheri Posedel
Grandma's Feather Bed Easy Mary Bray, Cheri Posedel, Lucy Hewitt
Groovin'Advanced Eric Bice
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Hamster Dance Song Easy Intermediate Kellee Hansel
Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride Easy  IntermediateKay Velmire
Hell Advanced Barry Welch
Hey Soul Sister Easy Matt and Colleen Pearson 
Hey, Soul Sister Advanced Scotty Bilz
Hillbilly Rock, Hillbilly Roll -- Step Videos Advanced Darlene Cummings
Hoedown Intermediate Carol Colton
Holdin' Heaven Intermediate Cheri Posedel
Holding Out for a Hero -- Step Videos Advanced Janice Jestin
Hubbin' It Intermediate Mary Bray
Hurricane Intermediate Cheri Posedel
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I Don't Feel Like Dancing Intermediate Plus Staci Larson and Lori Buckley
I Feel Lucky Intermediate Carol Colton
I Love Rock N' Roll Advanced Russ and Lelia Hunsaker 
I Wanna Be 500 Miles Intermediate Missy Shinosky
I Want Candy Easy Kathey Wilson
I'll Believe You When Intermediate Kay Velmire
I'll Take You Back Intermediate Matt Sexton
I'm a Survivor Advanced Alberta Stamp
In My Car, I'll Be the Driver Advanced Mike McDow
In the Summertime -- Step Videos Advanced Russ and Lelia Hunsaker
It's Alright Advanced Kelli McChesney
Irish SpiritIntermediate Russ and Leila Hunsaker
Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini Easy AdvancedMary Bray
I've Got You Advanced Michelle Lammers
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Jamba Jump Intermediate Darolyn Pchajek
Java Advanced Carol Colton
Jesse-the Yodlin' Cowgirl Intermediate Mary Bray
John Couger, John Deere, John 3:16 Easy Intermediate Staci Larson and Lori Buckley
Jump (for my Love) Intermediate Tandy Barret revised by Cheri Posedel
Just Got Paid Intermediate Barry Welch
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Katie Wants a Fast One -- Step Videos Advanced Mike McDow
Keeping the Faith -- Step Videos Advanced Helen LeCounte
Knee Deep Intermediate Cheri Posedel
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Lead Me On Intermediate Cheri Posedel
Let's Get Loud Intermediate Chip Woodall
Let's Take It Outside Intermediate Alberta Stamp
Little Liza Jane Easy Intermediate Cheri Posedel
Little Patch of Heaven Intermediate Mary Bray
Little White Church Intermediate Cheri Posedel
Livin' La Vida Loca Intermediate Plus Richard Willyard
L O A (Love on Arrival) Easy Advanced Lyndee Campbell
Love Potion Number 9 Easy Intermediate Barry Welsh
Love Revival Intermediate Cheri Posedel
Love Runs Out Intermediate Russ and Leila Hunsaker 
Louisiana Saturday Night -- Step Videos Advanced Dave Roe
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 Magic Carpet Ride -- Step Videos Advanced Russ and Lelia Hunsaker
Maple Leaf Rag -- Step Videos Advanced Janice Lee
Maple Leaf RagEasy  Helen LeCounte
More Where That Came FromEasy PlusCheri Posedel
Move Advanced Scotty Bilz
Move It Like This Intermediate Eric Bice and Michelle Gagnon
Moves Like Jagger Intermediate Tina  Curtis
Mr. Bass Man Intermediate Mary Bray
Mr. Mom -- Step Videos Advanced Mike McDow
Mr. Pinstripe Suit Intermediate Carol Colton
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Next to You Next to Me Easy Intermediate Kevin Sellow
Nothin' Better to Do Intermediate Cheri Posedel
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Ob La Di Ob La Da Easy Intermediate Mary Bray
 Oh, What a NightIntermediate Russ and Leila Hunsaker
Ojos Asi Advanced John Habash
Ol' MacDonald Advanced Carol Colton
Old Blue Intermediate Cheri Posedel
Old Pop in An Oak Advanced Russ and Lelia Hunsaker
Old Time Rock and Roll Intermediate Beth Sikes
One Night in Bangkok -- Step Videos   Advanced Mary Ann Walker
One Step at a Time Advanced Anne Mills
One Thin Dime Easy Alberta Stamp
Our Song -- Step VideosAdvanced Barb Guenette
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Pon de Replay Advanced Kay Velmire
Poor Boy Blues -- Step Videos Advanced Diane Jacobsen
Potatoes in the Paddy Wagon Intermediate Cheri Posedel
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Rasslin' Jacob Beginner Plus Mary Bray
Real Good Feel Good Song Easy Cheri Posedel
Redneck Woman Easy Plus Cheri Posedel
Rock Paper Scissors Intermediate Karen Tripp
Rough and Ready Intermediate Cheri Posedel
Rubberband ManIntermediate Cheri Posedel
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Satisfy You Easy Cheri Posedel
Scatman Jack Intermediate Cheri Posedel
She Likes To Get Out of Town Easy Intermediate Matt Sexton
Shut Up and DanceIntermediate Staci Larson and Lori Buckley
Sittin' on Go -- Step Videos Advanced Michele Millier
SnazzyIntermediate Cheri Posedel
So What's New Advanced Mary Bray
Sold Easy Intermediate Dave Roe
St. Patty's Polka Medley Intermediate Cheri Posedel
Summer Paradise -- VideoAdvanced Darolyn Pchajek
Sun Goes Down Advanced Barb Guenette
Sweet Georgia Brown -- Step Videos Advanced Janice Lee
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Talk About It - revisedIntermediate Cheri Posedel
Tennessee River Run Easy Plus Cheri Posedel
That's What I Like About You Intermediate Cheri Posedel
The Big Mamoo Easy Intermediate Cheri Posedel
The Rubberband Man Easy Intermediate Cheri Posedel
The Sweet Escape Easy Intermediate  Richard Willard
The Tiki Tiki Tiki Room -- Step Videos Easy Advanced Mary Bray
The Wanderer Intermediate Grayce Bice
The Way You Make Me Feel Easy Intermediate Cheri Posedel
Throw-Down Hoe-Down Intermediate Chip Summey
To My Mansion in the Sky Easy Plus Mary Bray
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Uncle John from Jamaica Easy Cheri Posedel
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Vacation Advanced Mary Bray
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Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go -- Step Videos Advanced Mary Bray
Walk of Life -- Step Videos Advanced Barb Guenette
Walk the Dinosaur Intermediate Cheri Posedel
When Love Takes Over Intermediate Darolyn Pchajek
Wiggle In Line IntermediateCheri Posedel
Wipe Out Advanced Barry Welch
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Yo Por Ti Easy Intermediate Cheri Posedel
Yodel-Adle-Eedle-Idle-Oo Easy Plus Mary Bray
You Can Call Me Al Intermediate Cheri Posedel
You Make Me Feel Like a Star Easy Cheri Posedel
You Should be Dancing- Demo VersionEasy Helen LeCounte revised by Cheri Posedel
You're the One That I Want Easy Cheri Posedel